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Comprehensive contact lens exams offered at Eyes on Hartz Optometry can help determine which type of contacts are best for you. With their extensive background in prescribing contact lenses, the practice offers many types of comfortable and effective contacts. Schedule your contact lens exam at this Danville, California, eye care boutique by clicking on the online scheduling feature, or by calling the clinic.

Contact Lens Exam Q & A

What happens during a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam includes everything from a standard eye exam. You still need to have certain tests and screenings performed to check your overall eye health, in addition to a vision screening.

But a contact lens exam also involves having additional evaluations and diagnostics that help your optometrist figure out which types of contact lenses are right for you. If you have chronic dry eye, for instance, you may benefit from certain silicone hydrogel materials that are known for retaining fluid and keeping your eyes moist.

Your optometrist also needs to measure your eyes to ensure your contacts fit you properly. In most cases, you can get a pair of trial lenses to wear for a few days during your contact lens exam. This way, you can ensure they fit comfortably before ordering a full set.

Can I get contacts if I have astigmatism?

Often, yes. Astigmatism is an eye imperfection that leads to an abnormal curvature in the lens or cornea of your eye. It can affect one or both eyes. Healthy eyes have a smooth lens and cornea that help distribute light evenly to your retinas in the back of your eyes.

Because astigmatism leads to an abnormal eye shape, light beams become bent (refracted) which distorts or blurs your vision. In years past, men and women who had astigmatism couldn’t wear contact lenses.

But with advancements in contact lens technology, including gas permeable and toric contact lenses, modern contacts are designed to adjust for the abnormal curvature of your eye so that you can see clearly.

How often do I need a contact lens exam?

Usually, your optometrist writes your contact lens prescription for one year. This means that you can order up to a year’s worth of contacts based on that prescription, then visit Eyes on Hartz Optometry every year for a new contact lens exam.

If you have chronic eye diseases or were recently diagnosed with astigmatism, though, your optometrist might want you to come in more regularly to ensure your contacts are working for you.

Book your contact lens exam at Eyes on Hartz Optometry by requesting an appointment online, or by calling the office.