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You can develop an array of eye issues due to aging, chronic diseases, or family history. As eye disease specialists, the providers at Eyes on Hartz Optometry can help you manage chronic eye conditions. Whether you already have a diagnosis or are at risk of developing eye disease, it’s time to schedule an evaluation at this Danville, California, clinic. Book online or over the phone.

Disease Management Q & A

What are the most common eye diseases?

In many cases, chronic eye diseases have no early warning signs. Disorders can develop gradually and have no effect on your vision until they become more serious. Some of the most common eye diseases that affect both men and women include:

  • Cataracts or glaucoma
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Chronic red or dry eye
  • Diabetic macular edema
  • Digital eye fatigue

Some eye diseases and conditions, including lazy eye and color blindness, form during childhood and become lifelong issues, meaning you need regular eye disease management visits with your optometrist.

Am I at risk of developing eye disease?

While anyone of any age can develop eye disease, there are some factors that can dramatically increase your risk. You have higher chances of developing one or more types of eye disease if:

  • Eye disease runs in your family
  • You have chronic diseases, like diabetes
  • Your blood pressure is high
  • You regularly work on a computer

Even if you have clear vision and have never needed corrective lenses, having an eye exam regularly is important to check for early signs and symptoms of eye diseases. The sooner you start treating and managing eye disease, the higher your chances of preserving your vision.

How are eye diseases treated?

While no cure exists for most eye diseases, the conditions can certainly be managed to improve your quality of life. Your eye disease management and treatment plan at Eyes on Hartz Optometry depends on your eye health, vision, and medical history.

Eyes on Hartz Optometry can order specialized lenses or contacts to correct your vision, no matter how complex your case may be. They may also provide:

  • Specialized eye drops
  • Tear duct plugs
  • Prescription medication

Your optometrist at Eyes on Hartz Optometry can even collaborate with the rest of your health care team, including your dedicated ophthalmologist, in case you need surgical repair. They monitor your eye health and vision regularly to minimize eye disease progression and help you see more clearly.

You can get comprehensive eye disease management care at Eyes on Hartz Optometry. Book your evaluation by clicking on the online scheduling feature, or by calling the clinic.