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Eye exams are about more than getting an update in your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription — they’re important for evaluating your overall eye health. Danville, California’s leading optometry practice, Eyes on Hartz Optometry, offers comprehensive eye exams and focuses on early detection of eye disease. If you’re due for an eye exam, you can click on the online scheduling feature to book or call the office.

Eye Exams Q & A

What happens during an eye exam?

Getting a regular eye exam is just as important as an annual physical with your primary care physician and your twice-a-year cleaning at the dentist. An eye exam is your one-on-one time with your optometrist to evaluate any changes in your vision, as well as to check the overall health of your eyes. Your comprehensive eye exam can include:

  • Visual field test to measure retinal function
  • Evaluation of personal family medical history
  • Eye muscle test to evaluate eye movements
  • Eye pressure check to detect eye disease
  • Vision screening
  • Color vision testing

Because your eye exam is tailored to your specific needs, overall eye health, and vision, you may need additional tests or screenings during your visit.

Do I need glasses or contact lenses?

With their expertise in vision correction and state-of-the-art digital vision equipment, you can feel confident that your optometrist at Eyes on Hartz Optometry is going to help you find the best possible solution to help you see more clearly. It might be time for glasses or contact lenses if you:

  • Have a change in your vision
  • Experience blurry or fuzzy vision
  • Regularly develop headaches
  • Squint or strain to see
  • Have difficulty seeing at night

Many men and women prefer to have both eyeglasses and contacts and in most cases, you can choose. Because contact lenses have advanced dramatically over the years, your optometrist can even prescribe specialty contacts if you have an eye disease or condition, like astigmatism.

How often do I need an eye exam?

If you have a chronic eye disease or need corrective lenses, Eyes on Hartz Optometry generally recommends scheduling an eye exam once a year. They might want to see you twice a year for eye disease management, though. If your eyes are healthy and you have optimal vision without corrective lenses, you might only need an eye exam every 2-4 years.

Once you reach age 65, you have a higher risk of developing age-related eye conditions, including glaucoma. So even if you have never needed corrective lenses and have always had good eye health, you should have annual eye exams at Eyes on Hartz Optometry as you get older.

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam at Eyes on Hartz Optometry today. You can either request an appointment online or call the clinic to book.